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Lessor Accounting Software Reporting

TURBO-Lease™ lessor accounting software provides over 80 standard reports.

Flexible Reporting for
Finance and Operating Leases

TURBO-Lease™ lessor accounting software provides over 80 standard reports. Send these reports to screen, paper, PDF or to Excel. Report into the future to forecast balances. Report into the past for historical record or audit requirements. Eight fields named by the user can be a basis for reporting sequence. You may use any name by which you need leases grouped, such as; bank, vendor, salesperson, note, equipment type, etc.

Trial Balance Reports

The trial balance reports are designed to aid in balancing to your GL. They will reflect activity for a date range you specify. Each report will show the beginning balance, current period activity, adjustments, new business and ending balance. There are trial balance reports for lease receivable, residual receivable, income, residual income, initial direct cost, advance payments, security deposits and fees.

Depreciation Reporting

The depreciation report will depreciate equipment for book or for tax. For book, a straight line approach is taken and equipment can optionally be depreciated down to the value of the residual. For tax, IRS publication 946 is followed. This includes MACRS 200% or 150% methods and bonus depreciation is supported. If a piece of equipment is sold, a gain or loss calculation is reported.